Mental Health Resources


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Mental Health Resources

We recognize that human beings are made of three parts: physical, spiritual, and mental. 

Our physical health is important to us and we would agree that when someone is feeling ill, they should consult a physician and design a treatment plan to achieve better health. 

Likewise, when our spiritual health feels threatened, we should seek the advise of a religious professional to assist us in making a plan to better connect with God. Nearly all Christians would agree that weekly church attendance and a routine of Bible study and prayer are basic components of any effective plan.

However, when it comes to our mental health, many people do not, or willl not, seek help. We would strongly encourage anyone who finds themselves struggling to deal with life-change issues (such as divorce or grief) or simply day-to-day functiong, to seek the counsel of a licensed mental health professional. 

To assist you with your search, we have compiled this list of mental health professional s in our area. The choice of a mental health professional is a deeply personal one. We are providing this list as an assist. It is by no means inclusive and there may be other mental health professionals that we are unaware of. But the journey always begins with the first step. 

May God bless your search and the time spent in healing.

iHope (Reeves Cannon, et. al)

Florence, SC

(843) 702-0323

Dawn White

Chesterfield, SC

(843) 287-0745

David Kahn

The Counseling Center

South Coit St, Florence, SC


Joe  Baroody

52 S Dargan St
Florence, SC 29506

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